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East Bay Express

East Bay Express is a locally owned publication providing local reporting, dining and arts coverage to the 2.5 million constituents of the Alameda and Contra Costa counties.  The East Bay Express has been the East Bay's leading voice since 1978, and frequently holds large events showcasing and highlighting local businesses and community.


local biz blog

Another Bullwinkel Show
We put on real Badenov events, business socials, theme parties, picnics, parades, and even street festivals. We’ve got the scoop on the local scene, where to go and what to do -- real Mr. Know-It-Alls. We promise to Do-Right by you!


local biz blog

Local Biz Blogs
Local Biz Blogs is blogging made simple for local businesses to easily connect with customers and build a strong reputation on the web, even for businesses that already have a website. Features include: one minute sign-up, no web designer required, and search engine optimized, Biz blogs are for independent business owners, freelancers, professionals and community organizers.


Chef News
Offers information on where you can find "green" chefs and "green" restaurants. We help you stay informed on who's doing what to be green, and an opportunity to become aware of where your food comes from and how to make choices in purchasing food (at home or dining out) that reduces the carbon footprint of its production and distribution. And last, but not least, delicious recipes!